“the authentic Cretan Street Food”

With our Kassakis Food Truck we wish to transfer our knowledge, our love for quality cold cuts & smoked meat and mainly our pure tastes in every part of the world! We also wish to share with you the importance of good nutrition through our products & healthy recipes.

Our Food Truck will travel all over Greece in events regarding nutrition and Greek cuisine and other happenings. It will always carry our pure cold cuts and the people who prepare our delicious snacks & meals. Our chef, Aristotelis Zervas has created a unique, tasty and healthy Menu for you to enjoy.

One of the services of the Food Truck is to be part of your most important events. In your wedding, christening or party the Kassakis Food Truck can cover the after dinner snack or the meal of your guests in the street food way, for extra taste and an authentic experience.